Ansicht Privatzimmer 4

Pension Ivanka Barac Schrein/Buchung in Medjugorje/Medugorje.

Übersicht der Freizeitangebote in der Umgebung des Privatzimmers.

Details des Privatzimmers ansehen

Anfrage senden

If you are arriving by plain you can send us info and we can organize airport-shuttle, we will pick up you there, price is standard, on your request we will send it to you our answer.

If you are arriving by a car, bus, the best way is the highway through Croatia, direction Zagreb-Plitvice-Split-the-Vrgorac get off the highway and about 40 kilometers drive to Medjugorje.

If you are arriving by train you can go to Sarajevo-Mostar and again you can call us or send information about your arrival and we can pick up you in Mostar train station. Price is standard.

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